Bethany United Church of Christ

Minister History

Rev. RicharsonRev. Emanuel Richarson 1876-1877
The First German Reformed Church and the German Evangelical were united and reorganized in the fall of 1876. Rev. Richarson was the first Pastor serving this church for about one year. He installed the first officers.

Rev.Abraham Bollinger 1877-1882

Rev.G. W. Remegen 1883-1888

Rev.A. G. Lohman 1888-1891

Rev.Jonathan A. Novinger 1891-1895

Rev.F. H. Fisher 1895-1898

Rev. HassenpflugRev.L. L. Hassenpflug 1898-1942
Rev. Hassenpflug was the seventh minister. The Parish house was built during his ministry as well as many improvements made in the Church. He died during his ministry.

Rev.D. H. Moritz 1943-1945

Rev.E. H. Lauer 1947-1951

Rev. LauerRev.E. H. Lauer 1947-1951
Rev. Lauer was the ninth minister. The Women's Guild was organized and the electric organ was installed during his ministry.

Rev. EngelmanRev.Alvin 0. Engelman 1951-1961
Rev. Engelman was the tenth minister. Bethany Evangelical and Reformed Church was affiliated with the Church of Christ in 1957. The Diamond Jubilee was celebrated November 1951. The stairway and exit were built in the NE corner of the Parish House.

Rev. FresenRev.Edward H. Fresen 1962-1966
Rev. Fresen was the eleventh minister. In 1963 it was decided to take the offering each Sunday instead of only four times a year. The cornerstone of the new church was dedicated November 8, 1964. the Church building was dedicated April 11, 1965.

Rev. WentlingRev.Richard T. Wentling 1967-1979
Rev. Wentling was the twelfth minister. The ceremony for burning the mortgage was held Sept. 29, 1968. Our centennial was celebrated Oct. 10, 1976. Maundy Thursday services were started. Two public address systems were installed.

Rev. BonebreakRev. Boyd Bonebreak 1979—1992

Rev. Dr. David Hottenstein 1993—1997

Rev.Wayne Schupbach 1995—Present